Polite Mangadex Downloader

Using Perfect Blue theme

Small side project to manage reading your manga on Mangadex, a resource for scanslation groups. The UI is ugly, but functional (like this site), and it doesn't burden Mangadex. Bug reports to sizer99 at gmail.

This politely downloads your new manga chapters from Mangadex. It's less of a burden on the server than if you were reading it on the site. It only looks at your follows pages to find new chapters, so even if you have 3000 follows it only has to look at one or two pages. Cheap! It only grabs one page at a time, so it takes a while to download, but you can just leave it running all the time and read at your leisure.

It's for people who like reading manga offline fullscreen on our tablets with a full-featured reader like Perfect Reader or Manga Storm.

Nov 19 2021

Just a reminder: Under Options -> Colors there is complete color theming support. PMD comes with 3 default themes: Light, Dark, and Blue. If you come up with something good you like (maybe a nice dark green, or crazy pink?) hit Export at the top and email me (sizer99 at gmail) the output and I might include it (with credit) in the built-in themes.

Aug 19 2021

Upgrading from 4.x? THINGS YOU NEED TO DO

  • Run the DB converter once!
  • Did you change your password after the hack? Update that in Options -> Mangadex Login
  • Go to Options -> Language Options and choose what translated languages you want to download and which languages you want to use for series names
  • On your first run with a converted database there are going to be a TON of 'Getting info on X series' and 'Getting info on X authors' (we have to get new info for ALL the author/artists) and 'Getting info on X groups'. But that will slow down after a while.

  • Version 5.3.2 - Nov 22 10:45 PST
  • Fix: Startup DLL errors or just won't start for some people
  • Version 5.3.1 - Nov 21 21:13 PST
  • Fix: Don't include +/- in the search for series since they're already handled
  • Version 5.3.0 - Nov 21 20:37 PST
  • General: This is not a required update, but it's all heading towards big new functionality that the MD site doesn't offer.
  • New: Make groups and authors grids sortable too
  • New: Update Search by Typing to work for Download Queue, Groups, Author and make it a bit more forgiving. Also add a display for what you're current searching for.
  • New: Add Authors tab with favorite and ignore. These don't do anything yet, but will soon.
  • New: Make text filter search functionality generic for series, groups, authors, and add slight delay to make it less sloggy.
  • New: Add 'Fix MangaDex Authors' option for authors that MangaDex has combined/deleted.
  • Change: Default color theme for new databases is now Perfect Blue. It's my oshi.
  • Fix: Theme export, import, and save windows: center like other popups, color with theme.
  • Version 5.2.0 - Nov 18 19:47 PST
  • New: The freqently requested Custom name format per series! On the Known Series page there is now a 'Cust Save' checkbox1 that is checked if this series has a custom format. If you click it a window will pop up letting you edit (or delete) it. This overrides the Save Options - File Name setting if it's not blank.
  • Fix: Even with Long File Name support, some series names are so ridiculously long (200 chars) that writing pages as {%s}\{%s} (etc) fails with illegal file name error. Limit individual variables to 150 characters each when creating file names.
  • Version 5.1.5 - Nov 07
  • New: Show total favorite series count with 'Recheck All Favorite Series'
  • Fix: I was using the oldest chapter on the Follows -> Updates page to determine when to stop checking pages, but new MD can also list older chapters, which could keep us from checking the next page. I now use the newest chapter on the page to do the stop, which means we always get at least one extra new favorites page so we won't miss any.
  • Fix: Follows -> Updates check now explicitly needs H specified to get new H chapters.
  • Version 5.1.4 - Nov 06 14:32 PST
  • Fix: Further fixes for MD not returning 100 series when you are checking all series. We can't guess how many it will return, so just stop when it returns 0. This seems to work well.
  • Fix: If you accidentally double clicked the left side menu tree you could close the Options branch, which was confusing since I don't show the +/-. Disabled collapsing the nodes.
  • Version 5.1.3 - Nov 05 10:50 PST
  • Fix: If you don't have a DB, 5.1.2 will crash on start because of showing the main form earlier.
  • Version 5.1.2 - Nov 05 00:04 PST
  • Change: Show main form earlier, because loading all series can take quite a while if you have thousands of series.
  • Fix?: When you ask for info on 100 series, MD has a new bug where they return only 99 - I was using less than requested as a trigger to stop asking about all series, now allowing for the one offset. Thanks to Darrick Teng.
  • Fix: Ctrl-C, Ctrl-D, and F5 hotkeys got disconnected by Visual Studio's usual wankery
  • Version 5.1.1 - Oct 03 01:17 PST
  • Fix: Recheck Series Chapters from Series list wasn't finding chapters for H series.
  • Fix: Recheck (All) Favorite Series wasn't working since the API changed in 5.0.13
  • Fix: DlMinTime could get internally set to 0 seconds
  • New: Add 'Remove From Queue and Mark as Read' right click option for Download Queue - also shift-Del. This can be useful after a Recheck Favorite Series.
  • New: Speed up deleting from download queue.
  • Other: Some people are getting a rare null reference error in _GetChapterPageUrls2_cb - I can't reproduce this but have added some more checking and debug output.
  • Version 5.1.0 - Sep 13 21:30 PST
  • Fix: When rechecking chapters for the currently displayed series, the shown chapters list wasn't updated live (visual only, the database was properly updated).

  • Requirements: Getting Started: Normal Use: FAQ: (probably)